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A list of sources & articles discussed on Game Closet as well as a resource for learning more about queer/LGBT+ tabletop roleplaying games. Submissions welcome! If you know of something that should be here, please email Taylor@RiverhouseGames.com & I’ll add it to the list!

A note: I have not played all of these games, read all of these resources, or joined all of these communities. Their inclusion here does not represent any endorsement, and the short blurb about them may not be wholly representative of their actual content or gameplay. As with many things in tabletop games, your mileage may vary. Play responsibly. If, for any reason, I have misrepresented a game, author, or community here, I apologize. Sending me a quick email should help me know I have something to fix.



GaymerX – Convention series centering queer/LGBT+ folk & games

I Need Diverse Games – “I Need Diverse Games via all associated platforms and members; including but not limited to: twitter, Facebook, Google+,  and other mediums seeks to bring projects, works and research by marginalized folks to light. We also seek to discuss, analyze and critique identity and culture in video games through a multi-faceted lens rooted in intersectionality”

Tabletop Gaymers – “We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization who helps to coordinate social events, educational events, and encourage networking within the community.”

Rolled This Way – LGBTQ Gamers & Friends on Google+

Asexual/Aromantic Tabletop RPG Discord

We’re always on the lookout for more great communities. If you know of a good community to list here, please email us at Taylor@RiverhouseGames.com

Games & Anthologies

These are games and anthologies that run the gamut from historically including queer characters in lore, to directing players in creating queer stories, to having mechanics that are explicitly queer. These are also games written by queer designers. This will always be an incomplete list, especially with the amazing tidal wave of small games made by queer creators. You can help me fill this list out by emailing suggestions of games to include to Taylor@RiverhouseGames or tweeting me @LeviathanFiles.

14 Days by Hannah Schaffer – A game about living w/ chronic pain, explicit queer characters

A Cozy Den by Kira Magrann – Lesbisnakes den up for the winter in this cozy game about cohabitating queer snakes

All Tomorrow’s Parties by Niamh Schonherr – Exploring gender identity through memories

A Place to Fuck Each Other by Avery Alder, An Sheep, and Amy Claire – Queer women trying to be intimate & the myriad ways the world keeps them apart

A Real Game by Aura Belle – Introspective single player game dealing with body issues & identity

Bad Timing: A Romantic Comedy Fiasco Playset by Tobie Abad – Romantic comedy of great ambition & poor impulse control

Beloved by P.H. Lee – Rescue your lover from monsters, gendered playsets

Bliss Stage by P.H. Lee – A sexy game about sexy teenage Mecha pilots

Blue Rose by Green Ronin Publishing – Romantic fantasy roleplaying, included for historic status. Notable inclusion of explicit queer characters in lore during time of its release.

Consentacle by metasynthie – “a game where you and a partner help a tentacled alien and a curious human have a mutually satisfying romantic encounter.” 

Crafting Consent by Erika Verkaaik – “Crafting Consent is a cooperative, physical game about using communication to create a piece of woven art together.”

Dream Askew by Avery Alder – Queering the post-apocalypse

Erotia by Ray Cox – “a game about flirting, sex, and education. It’s a game of sharing a longing gaze, a lingering kiss, or a short, soft, touch. It’s a game where you can be the god I know you are inside.”

Exodus by Erika Shepher – “Exodus is a short RPG about sad trans angels on the run in a fascist dystopia, inspired by Ezra Furman’s 2018 album Transangelic Exodus and based on Avery Alder’s Belonging Outside Belonging system.”

Facade by Nora Blake – “Facade is a transvampiric roleplaying game about existing and surviving under the pressure of society’s unfair (and often contradictory) expectations.”

FIGHT Truck by Rose Danger Lalonde – Queer punks beat the shit out of each other in a Uhaul

Gaudette Sunday by Jacqueline Bryk – “Gaudete Sunday is a lighthearted, romantic game about social pressure, manners, mischief, and the possibilities of the Christmas Holiday, for two facilitators and at least five players.”

Girl By Moonlight by Andrew Gillis –

Glory Days by Hamblet – “a story for everyone who never saw themselves coming of age. We deserve that, too.”

Hot Guys Making Out by P.H. Lee – Hot guys make out during the Spanish Civil War

I Like You by Matthijs Holter – Navigating desire & attraction rituals

I Love You and I Adore You by Brie Beau Sheldon – “a two-player queer love letter writing game. Players create characters set in history who can only communicate via handwritten letters and tell stories of queer love, with all of the distance and trouble of the judgmental world between them.”

I Say A Little Prayer by Tor Kjetil Edland – A small group of friends during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980’s

Just A Little Lovin’ by Tor Kjetil Edland and Hanne Grasmo – AIDS in New York City in 1982

Kirigami Dominatrix Display Simulator by Aura Belle – A kinky arts & crafts game about alien sex

Kiss Her Before the World Ends by Alice Grizzle – “a GMless, diceless, single session RPG about the things we desire from relationships, how we negotiate getting those things, and making the most of every second life gives us.”

Let Me Take A Selfie by Brie Beau Sheldon – “Let Me Take A Selfie is a collection of games using selfies to tell stories and explore emotions alone and with others. Selfies are a way we present ourselves to the world as we want to be seen. LMTAS explores relationships, crises, and fiction.”

Mad About The Boy by Tor Kjetil Edland, Margrete Raaum, and Trine Lise Lindahl – A post-apocalypse where all men are dead

Momma’s Guide to Destroying the Regime: and Other Lullabies by VJ Brown – “This is a game about punching fascists, about being a person of color, about being gay. About being stuck and making the small victories count. But this is also a game where you are not alone.”

Monsterhearts by Avery Alder – A sexy game about teenage monsters, section on including explicitly queer content

Mutants in the Night by DC – “Use your abilities as an Empowered Mutant to traverse this complicated world, and find out what it means to fight back against a system that’s rigged against you.”

Night Witches by Jason Morningstar – All-women night bombers dealing with sexism & homophobia by day and war by night

Orgy In The Fens by Aura Belle – graduating wizards celebrate their new & uncertain lives with a magical orgy

Our Radios Are Dying by Aura Belle – queer women discuss their Star Crossed Love as they share their last hour of air adrift in space

Queer Fantasy Road Trip by Quinn Wilson – A group of queer youths set out on a road trip that will bring them closer to each other and themselves.

Romance Trilogy – Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon, and Under My Skin by Emily Care Boss – Iconic trilogy of romance games. First dates, love triangles, and breakups. New edition contains multiple hacks & mods

See Me Now by By Liz Gorinsky and Sara Williamson – Exploring the formation of gender identity in a group of friends as they grow up

Singularity by Josh Jordan and Aura Belle – Transhuman dating show in the far future

Slash: Romance Without Boundaries by Games By Playdate – Create the most compelling slash pairing of fictional characters at the table

The Others by Nell Raban – “a game about community—finding it, living it, building it. It’s inspired by urban dramas such as Stand and Deliver, Do the Right Thing and The Wire. Players portray members of a marginalized community struggling to build yourselves and each other up amidst a hostile society.”

The Pit by John Harness – “What happens to language in a men’s only sex club when the bathhouse starts to change?” a Dialect backdrop.

The Way You Make Me Feel by Allie Bustion – “You’re at a club on a Friday night, eager to have fun and lose yourself in the music. You see two people in the line for entry and have instant reactions to each of them. You want to connect in some way but don’t want to just outright ask or tell them everything. This isn’t the place for that. Try to let them know how they make you feel in other, more subtle ways.”

There’s A Fan Fic For That by Kat Jones – A hack for Slash that involves roleplaying out the characters on the cards

This Party Sucks by Beatingthebinary – “a game about being a queer and/or trans twentysomething who is (badly) processing a recent breakup. You will play out a piece of their story as they attend a series of three parties while trying (and failing) not to think about their ex.”

Uneven Orbits by Gamesfromthewildwood – “a GMless roleplaying game about a crew, a ship, and an uncertain journey which brings them close (or perhaps tears them apart).”

Us Faggots Kill Fascists by John Harness – An antifascist game where rowdy faggots kill the shit out of nazis

Velvet Glove by Sarah “Doombringer” Richardson – Teen girl gangs in the 1970’s

We Made Them Look Like Us by Takuma Okada – a solo LARP about transition, the rituals of gender euphoria, and the journeys we take to become who we want to be.”

Welcome to Paradise Baby by John Harness – “a game about gloryhole cocksucking based on C. Leary’s There Is No Way Out Of This Arena” 

Yes and No by Gavin White – A cute, funny, and collaborative consent-game that deals entirely cleanly with intimacy, communication, and different bodies.

The #Feminism Anthology edited by Misha Bushyager, Lizzie Stark, and Anna Westerling – 34 small games exploring contemporary feminist issues. Find a more detailed breakdown of the games here.


The Queer Gaymes Anthology

The Warbirds Anthology


Here is a collection of videos, mostly from panels at gaming conventions, about queerness in games. Most of these videos are focused on tabletop, or analogue, games, but a few focus on video games also. I am sure that there are videos I have missed when compiling this, please let me know about them and I’ll add them here!

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Articles & Websites

Ordered by author last name, for the most part, these will be articles specifically about queerness in tabletop roleplaying games. However, when particularly relevant, articles that feature video games may be included. Please send any articles or resources not listed here to Taylor@RiverhouseGames.com & we’d be happy to list them here!

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Queer Game Studies 101: An Introduction to the Field bibliography curated by Bonnie Ruberg

Our Many Games resource cataloguing “games created by people of color, women of all ethnicities, people with disabilities, trans folk, queer creators and other people from traditionally under-represented groups.” curated by Emily Care Boss