Riverhouse Games Volume 1 (Softcover)


A collection of 12 short storytelling games

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Riverhouse Games is located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Catch us making micro games, talking about queer & LGBT+ tabletop gaming, or curating small games collections like the one you’re reading now at RiverhouseGames.com. Please find these small story games & social fictions & enjoy!

Games can do so much, from ridiculous stories & cute fun with friends, to emotional outputs & acting through issues that we can’t say with words. These games are the first to come from the Riverhouse Games brand. These are my first creations & I’ve learned so much about art, design, friends, stories, & myself while writing them. I hope you enjoy reading them & I hope you even play one or two of them.

Collected in this book are the first generation of story games to come out of Riverhouse Games. Included in this book are:

  • And I Saw Him On The Train – A game about recognizing the toxic yet mundane people in our everyday lives
  • Breaking The 4th Wall In The 5th Dimension – A game about a fading star orbiting a fading star
  • Cliche – A game about tropes, genre, and falling in love with the overplayed
  • Date Mates – a cute game to tell around candles with cute friends**
  • Five Alarm Apromcalypse – It’s here, the end of the world, and it’s interrupting Prom.
  • Goalposts & Gridirons – Two teams battle it out on the field at the Big Game
  • Now Crumple This Paper Feel Free To Crumple This Paper At Any Time – An abstract game to play while waiting at a Gaming Convention
  • Out Of The Crucible, A Fire – A debrief to play around a campfire**
  • Solve Et Coagula – An alchemical game of journey, self discovery, and pieces of a whole
  • Thank You For Sharing – A game about enthusiastic support & why we need it**
  • The Kiss Of Walt Whitman Still On My Lips – Queer lovers discover a terrible artifact during The American Reconstruction
  • With Fire Thy Affections Hold A Wing – An emotional game of dragons & their riders at the end of the world
**This game is exclusive to this collection and is not in print as an individual title

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