A two player card based abstract science fiction walking simulator RPG

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i-90-E is a quasar, around which orbits a mirror-plated observation ring teeming with a vibrant crew until it is ripped apart by a meteor the size of a peanut travelling at one third the speed of light. i-90-E is a jungle planet, rife with glittering plant life and radiating ultraviolet music, untouched by humanity and outside the furthest reaches of the Milky Way. i-90-E is a ripple in your vision, an echo of yesterday, or a  beautiful fold in the space-time continuum. i-90-E is many things. You’re here to experience i-90-E, or at least this universe’s i-90-E.

While you’re reading this, i-90-E is a 2 person card-based abstract roleplaying game. It is a science fiction walking simulator meant to be played while listening to Philip Glass’s “Glassworks” album. While playing, i-90-E is something beautifully unique, and once the music ends, i-90-E disappears forever.

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