(This was cross-posted from our Riverhouse Games Patreon page)

Happy 2019 everyone!!

I’m sure everyone has New Year’s resolutions. My 2019 resolution is to focus on Patreon and to grow the community around Riverhouse Games.

A big part of that is giving the patreon site a revamp, a task I happily completed this afternoon! I encourage you to look at your subscription level and adjust accordingly. Our main $3 and $5 level backer tiers haven’t changed but there are two new tiers that I think will be driving the growth in 2019. I’ll have a list of some of the major changes below, but here’s a big reason Why that I put in our front About Us description:

“Patreon is changing the way game communities work and I believe that it is at this level that the platform has a value as a place for community. Riverhouse Patrons get immediate and early access to games, podcasts, and more, allowing instantaneous connection to all the cool stuff we make here. You are what makes this worthwhile and the easier I can make it for you to get at my work, the more this community can grow.”

So let’s check out the changes. 

  • Front page revamp that more accurately represents the work done under the Riverhouse Games brand and outlines my goals for this platform
  • Updated $10 Tier: The Regulars – Instead of having a set monthly campaign with $15+ backers, I will be doing monthly one shots open to the community and broadcast on our Twitch channel. Backers at the $10+ tiers will get priority access to sign up for these games. They will be the first to know when the sessions are scheduled, and can even help pick out which games we’ll play on stream!
  • Updated $15 Tier: The Cohort – Instead of the old $10 beta playtester level, I added a backer level for folks interested in working with a cohort of designers on various projects. This is meant to be a workshop for everyone involved. Backers will get a seat in a regular game design chat & workshop. Everyone who backs at this level will be part of a group that meets regularly to work on projects together and will get access to any resources I have at my disposal to help make your project a reality. I don’t anticipate this being something that folks will jump into right away but see it as space for the Riverhouse Patreon community to grow into.
  • Updated Goals: When I started the Patreon, I had foggy estimates about where this money could go to. However, putting that into practice wasn’t always… on the money. These updated goals should more accurately reflect these milestones, including a future where Riverhouse Games could be a full-time job.
  • Added Discord support: Folks who are already a part of our Riverhouse Games Discord channel will want to link their Patreon and Discord accounts and make sure that they are properly listed as Patreon backers in our channel. Folks who aren’t already part of the channel can go to tinyurl.com/RHGChat to join an online community of Riverhouse Gamers!

As 2019 progresses, I hope this new model helps to grow the community and provide me with more funds to help make my work better. I have some great projects on the horizon in 2019 and community & monetary support will be valuable in the months to come!

Thank you all for the help you’ve been in the years since we started and always remember to Share & Enjoy!