Welcome to Sad Things On Index Cards

Inspired by game design events like Game Chef, the 200 Word RPG Challenge, Golden Cobra, and other game jams & contests (specifically Dan Enders’ Two Weeks anthology), this zine seeks to collect poetry, visual art, analog microgames, and essays on larp and tabletop roleplaying with the intent of supporting charitable nonprofit organizations. Please see the bottom of the page for submission instructions.

Print & PDF copies will be available indefinitely via DriveThruRPG. All profits after print costs to be donated to the non-profit chosen for each issue.

New to writing games? No problem! We encourage new writers to apply to this publication and are willing to offer any help we can. If you have any questions, please email us at RiverhouseGamesMN@gmail.com, or tweet @LeviathanFiles. Additionally, we recommend this guide from the awesome folks at The Larp Factory for how to write a game.

Issue 2: Augury – Planned Parenthood

If only we could see the future, it would be much easier to plan. The second issue of STOIC is themed Augury, after the ancient practice of reading birds as omens. The charity benefiting from the profit of Issue 2 is Planned Parenthood. Predating Ancient Rome, the practice of reading birds as omens influenced the decisions of many. In our modern lives, it’s much easier to predict the future and plan accordingly. The reproductive rights of people everywhere depend on resources like Planned Parenthood to detect health issues like cancer, provide checkups for countless people, and enable family planning for millions. The second issue of STOIC is themed around the practices and rituals we use to read omens, get advice, and see the future. Games could showcase mechanics used in Augury like bone reading or the historic practice of interpreting birds, or tell the story of predictions or astrological myths. Essays topics could range from using RPGs as proxy to make real world decisions, innovative GM tactics to handle prophecy, or how to predict player/GM behavior. Visual art and poetry should convey auspices, seeing, or Augury itself while focusing on tabletop roleplaying, larp, or common genre themes of tabletop gaming. Submission deadline is 2/28/2017 at 11:59 PM CST, hoping to have the issue finalized by 3/14/2017 with copies on DriveThruRPG following shortly. See the link at the bottom of the page for submission info.

Content Guidelines

Entries do not need to be original as long as their original publication allows for republishing. By submitting a work you agree for your work to be included in a nonexclusive and irrevocable license to be used in this collection, or certify that it is currently licensed in such a way that allows inclusion in this project. More legalese can be found in the submission form.

Games should be under 7 pages, essays should be under 3 pages, and poetry should be under 2 pages, with all text size 12 font.. Art should be black and white or grayscale only due to printing costs, and formatted to fit on an A6 page.

We reserve the rights to not publish any entry which we feel does not fit the submission theme or which does not meet the standards of the editors, including but not limited to: page limits, adherence to submission deadlines, or respect to other writers or people.

Submissions which include directed hate speech of any kind (racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, etc.) are not welcome. Writers are encouraged to address these themes within their works as they are real world issues that affect real world people, but should do so carefully and with respect to those people affected. Content warnings should be clearly marked after the title of each entry if needed.

Print copies will be between 12-36 pages due to print costs. If total submissions exceed 36 pages the additional submissions will be included in the PDF copy. Editors have discretion when choosing the pieces to include in the print copies and may make their decision based on past submissions, page length, adherence to the issue’s theme, or for other reasons.

We are not currently looking for fiction at this time.


Submissions are open for Issue 2. Click here to submit!

Past Issues of STOIC

Issue 1 – Beginnings – Profits to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Collecting games and game writing on beginnings. Everything has to start somewhere. Here we are beginning the new year and also beginning this new zine. This First Issue seeks to collect art, microgames, and writing about games focused on beginnings. Games could explore first dates, the start of a quest, preparing for an important undertaking, or many other avenues. Essays should be focused on beginnings as well, possible topics could include the popular practice of a Session Zero to prepare for a campaign, creating characters, trying new games for the first time, or other related topics. Visual art and poetry should convey an advent, onset, blossoming or other genesis while focusing on tabletop roleplaying, larp, or common genre themes of tabletop gaming. Submission deadline is 1/15/2017 at 11:59 PM CST, hoping to have the issue finalized by 1/31/2017 with physical copies following shortly.